Women in archery: Great hunters, accurate shooters


Over the years in archery, most have realized that it is a sport that women can be equal in every way. From the tournament, bowhunting and business side, many can shoot the same scores or better, take some great trophies and run a very successful business.

In the 1980s I got a call from a lady that wanted to tournament shoot for a company, and she felt she had what it takes to be a great professional archer.

No one would give her a chance. She was a thin person and stood about 5-foot, 7-inches and weighed all of 98 pounds.

I viewed some of her scores and decided to take a chance sending her a Cougar Magnum bow, the current top of the line at the time.

To say the least, it worked out. Her name was Katie Smith. Katie went on to be the only person to win Vegas seven years in a row, and won and set records indoors and out worldwide.

She would often times either equal or beat all the men indoor and outdoor.

For rare video of Katie shooting see www.archeryhistory.com/archers/archers.htm.

Another great person in the sport is my mother, Eva Martin. Not as a competitive shooter, but as a driving force behind Martin Archery for more than 50 years.

As I was designing compounds, my father experimenting with recurves, she was keeping everyone in line and working on promoting.

One promotion she lined up was having Antonio Rebello light the Olympic torch with an arrow in Barcelona shooting one of our Mamba Recurves. A shot viewed by 190 million people world-wide.

My mother was right beside us at shows and everyday at the plant putting in long hours and always had my back. I can never give her enough credit.

Footage of the Olympic flaming arrow shot can be viewed on Youtube. Barcelona 92 — Olympic Flame.

When it comes to hunting, women are the best. Quiet when they need to be and graceful, patient stalkers or in a tree stand.

Women have used the bow and arrow for thousands of years in hunting and as warriors in combat.

Although the longbow is considered one of the top 10 things that changed history as a whole, it was considered not as efficient as other weapons by the 1600s.

In the 1780s, archery was revived in England and other European countries as a fashionable pastime. Women became a major part of the archery scene from that time forward.

With the “Hunger Games” movie and other shows coming out there has been a good increase in new archers. The job now is to keep them in the sport by getting started right. To get started right see a local pro shop and check out online information and videos on www.archerytalk.com.

Steve’s Archery is a good source locally.

As we all know, if don’t do well at something you move on to another interests. If you excel, you want to do it more.

Archery is a true family sport.

For more information and advice on anything archery related, be sure to visit www.ArcheryTalk.com.

Terry grew up in the family archery business building arrows, accessories, and shooting in tournaments from the age six. In the early seventies he began designing and patenting the first Martin compound bows. Many of the features are used throughout the industry today.In 1997 he started ArcheryTalk.com, the worlds largest online archery community.


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