Concern expressed about security


Isn't it amazing that the president doesn't always receive his daily security briefings when the world is in so much turmoil?

He has time to raise campaign funds and appear on Letterman but he doesn't have time for security briefings or to see the leader of Israel during the time world leaders gather at the U.N. -- but he will have time to take off his busy campaign sschedule to meet with the representative to Palestine.

Ever wonder had the president had his daily briefings if prior warnings of unrest might have saved four American lives in Libya?

And then I read that the secretary of state banned bullets in the weapons of all those Americans who guard our embassies -- as that showed distrust of the host countries?

What anguish that must cause the families of those serving in all the embassies as trouble spreads worldwide after so much attention was focused on the blurred film clip of very few.

And more attention has been paid to Romney's valid reaction than to the journalists spin to protect the president from criticism. And this is news reporting? What a joke they are!

Right now the determination to place the blame elsewhere has resulted in a SWAT team approach to take the guy in for questioning. The right of free speech is threatened by such tactics. If any of these tactics concern you I hope you'll exercise your right to vote this Nov. 6 -- while we still have it.

Patricia Ross

Walla Walla


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