Cowan will meet with constituents


Rich Cowan, candidate for 5th Congressional District Representative, has a clear vision of the needs of the people of this district and specific plans of how to meet those needs.

He sees creating jobs as the greatest need, and at the same time sees the crumbling infrastructure of roads, bridges, etc. as obstacles to America's competitiveness in the world market place. Investing in these necessary repairs would create jobs.

When people have jobs, they have money to spend, which stimulates the economy and also increases tax revenues. Rich is himself a job creator, creating the Spokane film company North by Northeast, which employs about 100 people. (He is taking a leave as CEO to run for office.)

He is especially concerned that returning vets should have job opportunities. Republicans in the Senate just voted down a bill that would have helped vets get job training and jobs. Unlike his opponent, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Cowan believes women should receive equal pay for doing the same jobs as men.

He supports a farm bill that would lend a hand to many drought-stricken farmers, and at the same time, help provide food to the ever increasing number of those living in poverty, many of them children.

But the Republican House would not pass such a bill and recessed early, leaving the farmers and hungry children in the lurch. Cowan would seek a position on the Agriculture Committee, which presently has no member from Washington state. Unlike McMorris Rodgers, Cowan believes in the Dream Act that would allow students who were brought to the United States as small children to complete their education and contribute their talents to our society.

Cowan believes Republicans and Democrats should work together to do what is best for the country, as they did in the days of Speaker Tom Foley. McMorris Rodgers has shown an unwillingness to cross the aisle to find solutions.

Rich Cowan believes a representative should meet frequently with constituents, listen to their concerns and strive to meet their needs, as Speaker Foley did.

McMorris Rodgers spends most of her time in the other Washington and seldom hosts town hall meetings to listen and respond to the needs of her constituents. In fact she has turned down an invitation from the Walla Walla Area Chamber of Commerce to discuss the issues and their solutions with Rich Cowan.

Please check out Cowan's website and consider giving him your vote (

Beth Call

Walla Walla


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