Democracy under threat


Our democracy is under serious threat and the threat is not from China or terrorism. The threat is internal and is due to the gridlock that prevents our politicians from making the difficult decisions that are right for our country.

Gridlock has caused our politicians to act as though they are stupid and cannot make decisions that are vital to the well-being of our country, even to the point last year of allowing the United States' credit rating to be downgraded.

Perhaps the primary causes of the gridlock that has resulted in the least productive Congress in resent history are the rigid views, by some, regarding taxation. We simply cannot get our national debt under control by only cutting spending.

We will also need to increase taxes somewhere. Why not the (1 percent) who have gained excessively under the Bush tax cuts while the rest of us have lost ground.

It is a disgrace that some politicians have forfeited their commitment to the people who elected them by pledging their allegiance to Grover Norquist rather than pledging their very best to our country.

It is also a sad day when the minority leader of the Senate places the defeat of a president as a higher priority than the many dire needs of our country.

It is unclear whether the tea party was adopted by the Republican Party or kidnapped the Republican Party. No matter, the result has been a disaster for our country in that moderate Republicans cannot be heard and compromise is a dirty word.

And now we come to an election in which super pacs will spend millions buying ads that may or may not be based on fact. All because our Supreme Court considers corporations and special interest have the same freedom of speech rights as people.

Some of our justices act like politicians. That is very scary. This story is not over and history will eventually complete it, hopefully before too much more damage is done.

When you vote on Nov. 6 please consider that one presidential candidate's mostly secret agenda would take us back to the same old Bush policies that got us into the above wrong conditions and the other will continue to take us forward out of this mess.

Dean Hilliard



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