Save our money and mind our own business


The politicians and president can't create jobs unless they deport millions of illegal immigrants, do away with computer/robotized positions and convince the old familiar corporations to come back to "American" and hire "Americans."

But, of course, corporations would rather pay slave wages to foreigners so those in charge can realize fabulous wages and bonuses.

With the upcoming elections, we are bombarded by the vulture-like competing media networks about "war," terrorism, jobs, taxes, mortgages, save the banks, health care, Social Security and national security -- a pretty hefty assortment to digest and solve.

Hopefully, they would begin by putting a moratorium on $7 billion trips to Mars, $2 billion to just one "African country" that has turned on us, International Monetary Fund, innumerable subsidies with all the above's spiderweb committees.

Instead of this last stimulus to "banks" the money should be directed to revive a CCC or WPA to create jobs and refurbishing our deteriorating infrastructures.

As for terrorists, why do these people not like us?

Maybe we need to save our money and mind our own business and let those tribes fight among themselves as they have for centuries. For that to work for all, other world powers would also need to refrain.

But are there dollar signs under the surface for some big-moneyed persons, corporations or nations? The old cliche, "Money is the root of all evil" seems so appropriate.

Are these some of the reasons our country is so taxed for some wrong reasons, broke and anxious about the near future, let alone the future of the younger generations?

Betty Tate

Walla Walla


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