Should those past childbearing years marry?


Greg Fazzari insists that "marriage should be defined as a relationship between a woman and a man who choose to be married because they love each other and are committed to raising a family."

So if a friend or neighbor who is a widower hopes to marry a widow past childbearing years whom he has met at a church social, I suppose Mr. Fazzari will do his bit to oppose "cracking the very foundations of our society" by informing this couple that they have no business getting married.

If they are motivated only by love, commitment and loneliness, they should forget the first two and make the best of their loneliness.

For if they self-indulgently yield to the temptation to get married, they might encourage others who also see love, companionship and mutual commitment as sufficient reasons for marriage even for couples who, for whatever reason, are not going to be raising a family.

David Lupher

Walla Walla


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