Why do we allow lousy highways?


It is no wonder that this state and the federal governments are broke. I live on Highway 204 -- the Tollgate Highway -- between mile markers 7 and 8.

About eight years ago they put down a brand new road in three stages. The lower part the first year, it was a batch mix asphalt highway. The top section was put in the next year and it was a batch mix asphalt highway. The center section was put in the third year and it was a chip seal asphalt hightway.

At about this same time table they put down a new batch mix asphalt from Athena to Milton-Freewater all in one year.

One year after Highway 204 was finished they put a brand new overlay right where Hodgson Road enters it and on the rest of it they put tar in the cracks. About three years ago they put a partial overlay on Highway 11, the Athena to M-F highway that covered each of the four tire patterns on the road.

This year both of these roads had a new overlay of batch mixed asphalt plus replacing about half of the guard rails on Highway 11.

There are about 5,000 civil engineers who work for ODOT. It would seem to me they could figure out how to put down a highway that could last at least 40 to 50 years.

Why should the taxpayers of Oregon be allowing these people to build another highway in this state with this kind of a record? Or maybe you should contact your state representatives who spend your tax dollars on these terrible highways. I have sent letters to all the representatives in Salem and never got a reply.

I have been informing you of this problem for years and you, the citizens, do not seem to care how your tax money is spent. And to you people who do not like seeing my letters, this is the last one on this subject.

James Burns



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