Dog that killed bunny should have been on leash


Somebody let his or her dog off a leash at Murr Field on Friday during the softball game.

It is posted dogs need to be on a leash. The bunny the dog attacked is now gone, as his spine was broken. The owner of the bunny is heartbroken, as is her entire family.

This was something that did not need to happen and would not have happened if the dog had been on a leash.

The bunny was on a leash tied to the fence as he was at every game for the last two years, and yes the owner was right there beside him.

He meant the world to her, he would watch TV with her, sit in her lap when she was reading, he was staked in the yard when she was outside and she took him on walks.

This is her spring break and the dog took the enjoyment of spending extra time with her best friend away.

Rules are made for a reason.

Dog owners, if you have your dogs out please have them on a leash, not everyone likes dogs and no one deserves to lose a loved pet.

R.I.P. Hank

Sharon Foster

Walla Walla


jesseela 1 year, 11 months ago

My sympathy to the owner of the bunny. I walk my leashed dog by Murr Field on a daily basis and frequently encounter off lead dogs, both at Murr Field and Howard-Tietan Park. It is unfortunate that so many people think that leash laws don't apply to them.


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