Tax dollars wasted fighting octopus mural


This letter is in regards to the Inland Octopus mural that the city of Walla Walla has wasted so many tax dollars on in the last few months.

I have yet to talk to someone who was opposed to the mural.

It was actually quite unique and a total fit the decor of downtown Walla Walla. It’s amazing how fast the city came in and painted the mural after the “deadline.”

I also noticed that it wasn’t someone from Walla Walla who did the job. Is that because there is no one in town who agreed with the city fathers so they had to hire from out of town?

Now let’s talk about the absolute eyesore of the old mall, just to name one. That’s something that should have been taken care of long ago.

Oh, excuse me, they did come in and push some stuff around and put up a fence and have obviously called it good.

But then again, I guess it’s not downtown as is Inland Octopus, so it’s not really in Walla Walla. I hear lots of grumbling about that. There must not be any of the city fathers who have to drive past the ugly mess every day as so many people do.

I guess it’s all where your priorities are.

Kathy Paddock

College Place


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