Doesn’t city have duty to establish regulations?


One of our downtown stores wanted to put a life-size statue of Elvis Presley in front of the store, dressed in an athletic supporter and wearing a Bulova watch.

When the owner applied for a permit, he was informed that it did not meet the city’s regulations. Good thing, huh?

While some people liked the octopus, it is clear that doesn’t include everyone, and anyone claiming that a majority of the 32,000 citizens liked it is simply blowing smoke.

I understand Mr. Catsiff said on his website that, “Now that the mural is completed, some people do not like it...” The real issue with the octopus isn’t about artistic merit or whether people liked it, it is about complying with the city’s legitimately established regulations.

Does anyone really believe a city doesn’t have a duty and a responsibility to establish regulations concerning a host of things including parking, zoning, placement and size of signs, sidewalks, permits for certain work, etc?

Without them we would have a parking nightmare and visual urban blight with every merchant trying to outdo the others to attract business.

Incidentally, two recent letters referred to the sneaky time of day chosen to paint it over. Neither letter mentions the sneaky way in which the octopus was put up.

As I understand it, Mr. Catsiff went to two different city bodies with his plan for the octopus and was told by both bodies that it was not appropriate. So Mr. Catsiff, without obtaining the required permit for such work, had it painted during the holiday Labor Day weekend, I would guess in the belief that if it was a done deal, the city would let it slide.

I’d call that pretty sneaky!

Gerry Weber

Walla Walla


tpeacock 2 years, 7 months ago

Unfortunately, in today's society, too many want to take the attitude of 'What is it, or what am I hurting by doing this or that. Traffic laws, mural painting, these are just a few of the many things that are controlled by rules, regulations and the law, with valid reasons for the rules being in place. To take the attitude of 'But who/what is it hurting' is an affront to all of us, but many just don't understand this until some one's actions directly affect their livelihood. Then, and only then, are the rules, regulations, and laws an important matter to these folks. As for the Octopus; I rode by that for half a year before I final realized it was there, so it's not as f it stood out where it was hard to miss, but then once seeing it, I never found it to be an eyesore, so much as it just didn't fit in with what the rest of the downtown businesses appearances to the public eye. While I agree that it became way overblown, and far too much time, money and effort went into the efforts in dealing with it, the bottom line is that the owner was already aware it wasn't acceptable, yet had it painted anyway. Laws and regulations were never intended to be pick and choose, they are in place for a reason, and we all need to realize and accept this fact of life.


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