What was city cost to fight octopus mural?


Your editorial of March 29 was as condescending as it gets.

You called the city administration’s fight over Mr. Catsiff’s painting of his toy store a “flap” that needs to be put behind us as a community. I can’t disagree more.

For over two years the feeling of the majority of Walla Walla’s citizens was made clear — “leave the mural, what’s it hurting?”

Instead, under the guise of preserving city authority against anarchy, the City Council spent how much tax money prosecuting this business? I would like the U-B to report that figure — accurately if possible — so it can be considered by voters during the next City Council election.

Gary Peterson

Walla Walla


namvet60 1 year, 11 months ago

The big problem - do they know? They keep better track of giving raises.


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