Leaders define what America becomes


“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people. It is an instrument for the people to restrain the government, lest it come to dominate our lives and interests” — Patrick Henry 1736-1799

The government is composed of a federal branch and a state branch. In those branches are elected officials and appointed officials and some are hired.

All of them have sworn an oath to uphold and defend our Constitution upon entering office and are being paid by us to do so. If in violation of that oath, they should resign from office as a mature and responsible citizen to allow an appropriate citizen to serve.

If they are not resigning, then they should be fired and removed from office. This includes the president, congressmen, judges, mayors, councilmen, schoolteachers (public and private) and more. Should lying be acceptable in these positions?

Is it all that difficult to see why our country is in the condition it is?

Our Constitution is the written base and there was a individual, personal moral base as well that this unique country was founded on.

There is a force trying to change what America is to something it was not created for. Personal morals first and the written base second. It is being done by public opinion (officials and citizens and newspapers) of what it views as right and being taught in schools to achieve the goal.

America is no better than the values of the people who are its citizens. If this country is to regain its greatness, the things taught to our children must change.

There is a “moral standard” requirement to be a great citizen. There are “immoral standards” that do not make a good citizen.

Everything is not “OK” because it is practiced.

Does anyone think anymore? Is it a right to behave in a perverse activity? Who is going to define what is or isn’t perverse activity? Is perversity subject only to popular opinion or is there a moral standard we have in America that goes beyond opinion?

What America becomes is established by who it has for leaders who are put in place by the citizens!

Curtis Coila



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