Rose Street should remain four lanes


Well, those of us that have to use Rose Street — the hazardous, tire-busting, wheel-alignment nightmare — are pleased to see that our street is going to receive a whole new street.

But it seems as if it has been planned by the same people who came up with the undersized roundabout that was to alleviate traffic on Ninth Avenue by routing trucks off U.S Highway 12 to Myra Road.

Have you ever watched semis try to negotiate this undersized roundabout? Their rear wheels travel four to six feet over on the bricks, which were part of the beautification of this expensive boondoggle.

Have any of these design engineers or City Council members placed themselves in a position to observe the traffic using Rose Street? Have they ever watched during the morning and evening rush periods? The traffic is sufficient to keep people trying to access Rose Street to wait up to five-plus minutes.

Now we need bike paths on Rose Street. How many bicycles have they observed on Rose Street? With this idiotic plan, we will lose two lanes for vehicular traffic.

At least some intelligent questions were raised by Council member Jerry Cummins. Go observe what happens now, when very frequent buses stop in the right-hand lane. Traffic is blocked in this lane until cars can go around by using the center lane. During rush periods this center lane is usually full, which blocks traffic for some time.

Now there will be no center lane, only a turn lane that is illegal to use unless you are preparing to make a turn.

We have waited a long time for Rose Street to be repaired. We who use it would like it repaired and left four lanes. We are paying extra taxes for these repairs and have for a very long time.The city has always found other uses for our money.

It was mentioned that two Council members were absent so did not vote for this plan. Think about the hundreds of homes off of Rose Street that have to access at some point. Also the traffic coming from College Place to shop in Walla Walla.

It seems to me that with the importance of this street and also the huge cost to plan and build a whole new street, it should be voted on by all Council members.

There also should be some intelligent input from our citizenry before a decision of this magnitude be decided on.

Leon L. Olsen

Walla Walla


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