Tactics used to paint over mural questioned


Were these the headlines or only the facts?

Was the toy store owner going through the proper steps of the system regarding his rights to have a child’s theme painting on his toy store in a rental building (in the midst of a very proper pro-wine Walla Walla with its “period” theme)? Is solid brick red in accordance with the approved “period” look so sought after by the now town fathers and tax-bringing vintners?

Are we now so proper, so unbending, so dollar-swayed, so uptight that what makes a child laugh, if it does not fit within our sense of decorum, we will not allow it, and we will stoop to nothing less than hiring people from out of the area to come in before dawn to eradicate the “offense” as if it never were, and think that that is right?

I know what I would call those tactics. I hope most of us would also remember the red, black and blue terms for them as well. (If the younger amongst us need reminding, the fascists flew the red, black and blue to symbolize the taking away of our individualism, our expression, our very humanity as their right.)

City ordinances are one thing. What is happening here is quite another. Let us be American, individual and free enough to know the difference. We are, after all, still a free nation.

Kate Reeve



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