Three-lane roads are very dangerous


Changing Rose Street to three lanes is a bad idea. Three-lane roads are dangerous.

When I was growing up in Wenatchee, Wenatchee Avenue going into town was three lanes. There was a six-car pileup. Three cars traveling one way and three cars coming from the opposite direction suddenly decided to pass. After that horrific crash the avenue was changed to a two-lane road which lasted until it was widened to four lanes.

While living in New Jersey, we often traveled on Highway 35, a three-lane road. It was so dangerous that some people had bumper stickers saying, “Stay alive on 35.”

I am guessing that the middle lane will be designated a turning lane. Whether it is designated a turning lane or a passing lane, people following a pokey driver will use it to pass. Sooner or later two drivers traveling in the opposite direction will try to pass. Whamo! If both drivers are traveling at 35 miles per hour, that will equal hitting a wall at 70 mph.

Whoever is making this decision needs to think about the unintended consequences.

Victor R. Phillips

Walla Walla


oldguyonabike 2 years, 3 months ago

Well, the combined speed currently is over 80mph (85th percentile is 41 mph) on Rose St. and it has caused fatalities here in Walla Walla. Hopefully New Jersey and Wenatchee drivers visiting Walla Walla will behave better here.


loplover 2 years, 3 months ago

The fact that city and school buses use this road and stop often is also going to encourage drivers to use the center lane for passing, thus making it even more dangerous. I don't understand the need for bike lanes, either. Do we get federal funds for providing them or something? There is a very nice pedestrian path on one side of Rose that most bicycles use, negating the need for additional bike lanes. Those of us who live on Rose and have anxiously awaited the long-overdue repaving of this road are extremely unhappy with what the city, in it's "wisdom" has decided to do. I notice that they certainly didn't ask any of us our opinion before they just announced their decision. Those mature trees along Rose make the area beautiful and livable during the hot summer. Why the city feels a need to take them out when they are actually making the street narrower, rather than wider, makes absolutely no sense. Could it perhaps be that they're simply tired of spending the time and money it takes to take care of them? One thing that's for sure: Rose St is going to be a much more dangerous, much less pleasant street to drive on or live along by the time the city gets done with it's "grand plan."


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