NBA to deliberate on Kings deal


There remain no guarantees that a final decision on the Seattle/Sacramento saga comes Friday in New York, when the NBA’s Board of Governors meets.

The chances that it will get settled at those meetings, though, appeared to improve Saturday when it was revealed that the NBA’s combined relocation and finance committee will begin deliberating the Seattle/Sacramento battle over the Kings on Wednesday.

That meeting comes one day in advance of the regularly scheduled BOG meetings, which are Thursday and Friday and will involve all 30 owners.

The meeting on Wednesday will consist only of the committee, which also heard presentations from the two cities two weeks ago in New York.

No official announcement of a decision, however, will apparently come until Friday at the earliest. The NBA annually holds a news conference following the BOG meeting, and will again this week, and it is expected that the Seattle/Sacramento situation will be addressed at that time.

Whether that means a final decision has been reached, however, could be determined by events in the next few days — specifically, Sacramento’s offer for the Kings.

The Sacramento Bee reported Saturday that it “remained unclear” when the Sacramento group will file a formal, written offer for the team, or whether it will match that of the Seattle group led by Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer.

It had been reported on Friday that the Sacramento group had informed the NBA the Sacramento group would match the original Seattle offer of $341 million for 65 percent of the team, based on a total valuation of $525 million.

Hansen announced via his website,, late Friday that the Seattle group would increase its offer to make the total value $550 million, meaning the offer itself would be increase by roughly $17 million for a total of just under $360 million.

The Bee further reported that “those close to the Sacramento bid brushed aside the new offer, with a source close to the situation saying the added $25 million from Hansen “isn’t that much money in the grand scheme of things.”


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