Man held in Eastgate shooting

Shawn A. Crump is accused of shooting Blake D. Nelson early Saturday.


WALLA WALLA — Bail was set this morning at $250,000 for the suspect in a weekend shooting in the Eastgate area that left the victim with three wounds inflicted by a small-caliber handgun at close range, officials said.

Shawn A. Crump, 21, was arrested Sunday morning on investigation of first-degree assault.

He is suspected of shooting Blake D. Nelson, 26, in an alley behind the 1700 block of Portland Avenue about 3 a.m. Saturday.

A Walla Walla police officer’s report presented in Superior Court says that Crump and Nelson, in addition to a confidential witness and other people, had been at a residence in the 800 block of Figueroa Street.

About 1 a.m., Nelson and the witness went and bought beer at the Aziz Chevron, 1916 Isaacs Ave., then returned to the Figueroa Street home.

At the home, according to the witness, “Shawn Crump made the statement he has to kill someone, a snitch,” the police report says.

The witness — who is not named in the report — added that “he was concerned, but thought Shawn Crump was just ‘tripping.’”

The witness asked Nelson for a ride home but Crump allegedly told him he needed Nelson to take him somewhere first. The three left in Nelson’s car, which he was driving, and reportedly ended up in the alley at Crump’s direction.

The witness told police that he and Crump got out of the car and Crump “pulled a gun and shot (Nelson) as he sat in the driver’s seat.”

The witness added that Nelson “lunged towards the passenger seat and got out of the passenger side door as (Crump) continued to shoot at (Nelson).”

Nelson then reportedly ran east. The witness and Crump headed the opposite direction, eventually separating. At one point, according to the witness, he thought Crump — who was behind him — was going to shoot him, as well.

Nelson reportedly staggered into the Chevron station about 3:16 a.m., bleeding from the head, chest and hand, and told the clerk he had been shot.

He was taken to Providence St. Mary Medical Center, but no information on his condition has been made available.

Officers located Nelson’s red 1992 Toyota, around which were several spent .22-caliber casings and several live rounds. The driver’s side window was broken and blood was found on the passenger side door, according to the police report.

Crump was apprehended about 9 a.m. Sunday in the 200 block of West Chestnut St., police said.

A Sunday news release from the Walla Walla Police Department reported that another person was arrested for allegedly rendering criminal assistance, but there is no public record of any such arrest.

Crump has five prior felonies on his record, including unlawful possession of a firearm and property crimes, according to information provided in court today.

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wwnative 2 years, 3 months ago

First degree assault. Don't worry, justice will be done just as soon as our city prosecutors whittle the charges down to littering the area with spent shell casings in return for a guilty plea by the shooter.


chicoli 2 years, 3 months ago

  1. Prison time will help in recovering the city trust in our prosecutor.
  2. Tracing the gun ownership and prosecuting the owner who facilitated this young man's getting hold of the gun, and in almost killing someone will also help.

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