U-B reporting on Rural Library District shameful


This letter is in response to many recent U-B articles, editorials and letters to the editor that have appeared over the last few months. I, for one, am becoming weary of hearing the misrepresentations, half-truths and outright lies being leveled against the Rural Library District and the RLD Board by the Library Users Coalition and perpetuated by the U-B.

I believe the U-B is doing a disservice to our community through its false reporting and dissemination of misleading information to the public through its villainization of the Rural Library District and the RLD Board.

And, indeed, the U-B is guilty of poor reporting, which is one-sided, inaccurate and full of misrepresentations toward the RLD. If the U-B wants to report, it should at least send a reporter to cover the meetings to get first-hand information.

I attended the pivotal December meeting in Touchet. There was a reporter from the Waitsburg Times at the meeting and an extensive article in the next edition of that newspaper. It was very noticeable there was no reporter from the U-B and no corresponding article published.

Could the U-B not be bothered to send a reporter the 20 miles to Touchet? The Times reporter traveled twice as far (and it’s a little paper)! I have also been to at least two other RLD Board meetings in Walla Walla, and I have never seen a U-B reporter there. This is unconscionable.

Apparently, the U-B doesn’t take the effort to get accurate information by actually having a presence at RLD meetings. Instead, it prefers to get its “news” from folks like Dan Clark and the LUC, who are certainly not unbiased about this issue.

Actually, the issue at the core of this controversy is not about providing the best library services possible in Walla Walla County for all, though the LUC would like to make you believe so. The issue is that the LUC is basically trying to steal the money the Rural Library District has saved for nearly 40 years (for the purpose of expanding and improving library services in the rural areas). It wants this money to save its own city library.

The U-B has not reported on the motivations of the LUC or the underhanded and despicable means by which its members have tried to accomplish their goals. The U-B has been negligent in getting the whole story. This is shameful.

Kimberly Krutsch



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