US needs someone like George Washington now


The first presidential election had five different candidates receiving electoral votes. The five candidates had no party affiliation.

By the third presidential election, there were seven candidates who received electoral votes and they all had a party affiliation. The parties were Federalist and Democratic-Republican.

By 1860 there had been five major political parties represented in the White House. And the Democratic-Republican party had split into two separate parties. Since 1860, these two parties have been the only parties represented in the White House. Furthermore, since 1972, these two parties are the only two parties to receive any electoral votes. Voters have not given one single electoral vote to anyone except a Democrat or Republican in the last 40 years.

In America’s first 71 years, voters wanted more choices for filling the office of the president. However, after 1860, Americans have been content with just two choices (the fact that no other candidate since 1972 has even received one electoral vote, makes it clear that even if someone else is on the ballot their chances of winning the election is zero).

It looks like the original Democratic-Republican party had a calculated plan: break into two parties, and eventually become the only two parties receiving any electoral votes, meaning they couldn’t lose.

Of course the elites would have to give voters the illusion they had a choice, but as long as both candidates stuck to the main objective the elites would win. The main objective is to make the elites more powerful and make the rich richer.

Don’t buy it? President Obama leans toward socialism, but bank profits are greater now than under Bush and the rich still have low effective tax rates. Furthermore, the divide between rich and poor has gotten bigger under Obama. After four years, even with a far-left president, the rich have managed to get richer and the elites more powerful.

And it was all going along rather marvelously for the elites and the rich except for one problem, too much debt. They got too greedy.

By 2016, due to an unsustainable amount of debt, the economy will be in worse shape. But one thing you can bank on (even with a far-left president) is that the rich will be richer, the elites more powerful and unfortunately, an ever shrinking middle-class.

In 2016 we’ll elect a new president. Hopefully, someone like George Washington, the only president who had no party affiliation.

Richard Strozinsky

Walla Walla


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