Mac-Hi boys fall; girls tie Vikings


MILTON-FREEWATER — Mac-Hi’s tennis teams faced their rival Umatilla Vikings here Tuesday, with the Pioneer boys falling 8-3 and the girls tying, 5-5.

“It is always a day full of competitive tennis and great sportsmanship,” Mac-Hi coach Michelle Snyder said. “Umatilla men have made some changes in their roster since our last pair-up and were able to beat us.”

“It was a disappointing loss, but motivation for the boys to work hard for the remainder of the week before we meet up again at the Umatilla tournament this Saturday,” Snyder said.

On the girls side, “the ladies also had a great day of tennis,” Snyder said. “The last time we met Umatilla head-to-head the girls’ team only had one win. Today they were able to clinch five wins out of the 10 matches that were played.”

Boys scores

SINGLES — Martin Rubio, Uma, def Ulises Zaragoza, Mac-Hi, 8-3; Christian Mendoza, Uma, def Tyler McElrath, Mac-Hi, 8-5; Ariel Martinez, Mac-Hi, def Joey Routson, Uma, 8-3; Edgar Magana, Uma, def Freddy Rodriguez, Mac-Hi, 8-2; Stephen Groce, Uma, def Allan Ng, Mac-Hi, 8-5; Adrian Madrigal, Uma, def Rigo Ponce, 8-6; Osvaldo Medrano, Mac-Hi, def Edward Juarez, Uma, 8-1.

DOUBLES — Danny Garcilazo/Alejandro Madrigal, Uma, def Carlos Angel/Alex Alvarez, Mac-Hi, 8-2; Edgar Magana/Ramiro Rubio, Uma, def Mauricio Gomez/Rafael Villegomez, Mac-Hi, 8-3; Martin Rubio/Julio Martinez, Uma, def Ivan Uribe/Zak Lyon, Mac-Hi, 8-3; Alex Alvarez/Cristian Torres, Mac-Hi, def Koty Nobles/Nick Hodge, Uma, 8-4.

Team scores — Umatilla 8, Mac-Hi 3

Girls scores

SINGLES — Susan Routson, Uma, def Estefani Lamas, Mac-Hi, 8-2; Makenzie Fite, Mac-Hi, def Ashley Longoria, Uma, 8-3; Tasha Marshall, Mac-Hi, def Holly Lougee, Uma, 9-7; Elise Griffith, Mac-Hi, def Montana Charles, Uma, 8-2.

DOUBLES — Ana Rubio/Muranda Cransten, Uma, def Kaylee Davis/Kassidy Harris, Mac-Hi, 8-3; Kaylee Davis/Kassidy Harris, Mac-Hi, def Karina Ortiz/Norma Chavez, Uma, 8-5; Cheris Smith/Sydney Webb, Uma, def Giselle Flores/Maria Castillo, Mac-Hi, 8-1; Holly Lougee/Ashley Langoria, Uma, def Erika Landa/Vanessa Gomez, Mac-Hi, 8-1; Selena Duran/Shailie Allen, Mac-Hi, def Cassie Hines/Jennifer Brown, Uma, 8-2; Montana Charles/Cheris Smith, Uma, def Ana Rodriguez/Maria Rayo, Mac-Hi, 8-1.

Team scores — Mac-Hi 5, Umatilla 5


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