Texas woman behind bars, charged with capital murder


DALLAS —The wife of a former justice of the peace is being held on a capital murder charge in the killings of the Kaufman County District Attorney, his wife and a top prosecutor.

Kim Williams, 46, is charged with one count of capital murder and is being held on a $10 million bond in the Kaufman County Jail.

She was admitted just before 3 a.m. Wednesday.

Law enforcement officials have said they expect capital murder charges to be filed against her husband, Eric Williams, the former justice of the peace there. Eric Williams, also 46, has repeatedly declared his innocence.

Mike McLelland, 63, and 65-year-old wife Cynthia were found repeatedly shot to death in their home on the evening of March 30. Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse, 57, was gunned down Jan. 31 as he walked to the county courthouse.

Eric Willilams was arrested early Saturday on a terroristic threat charge after dozens of law enforcement workers executed a search warrant at his Kaufman home on Friday. He is being held on bail totaling $3 million in the terroristic threat case and other prior charges.

Authorities believe Eric Williams was behind an anonymous email sent to county officials after the McLellands’ murders. The email threatened another attack if the writers’ demands were not met.

Authorities have not said what the demands were. But they found evidence on Saturday they say links Williams to the email. They also found something that promoted them to search a Seagoville storage facility.

More than 20 weapons were found inside the unit linked to Williams, as well as a car similar to the one seen leaving the McLellands’ neighborhood on the morning of the Easter weekend slayings.

Authorities believe the disbarred former justice of the peace held a grudge against McLelland and Hasse, who prosecuted him last year in the theft of three computer monitors. During Eric Willilams’ trial, McLelland and Hasse portrayed him as a thief and a man with a violent streak. They pushed for him to be sent to prison. He was given probation, but the case is on appeal.


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