Anti-school bullying movie to be shown at Walla Walla High School


Walla Walla High School’s Gay Straight Alliance will host a showing of “Bully” Friday, 7 p.m., at the school’s auditorium.

The film comes from “The Bully Project,” started in 2011 to promote a nationwide, grassroots movement to end bullying in schools. The showing coincides with Walla Walla High School’s Gay Straight Alliance-sponsored “Day of Silence,” an event meant to bring awareness of the action of silence many non-heterosexual students choose in to avoid being harassed and bullied.

“Bully,” however, shows a spectrum of the problems, said Casey Monahan, the alliance’s academic adviser. “It follows five kids, and only one is a lesbian girl who later comes out as transgender.”

It shows the determination of a family that has lost a son to suicide, a result of being in overwhelming pain at the bullying he endured. Another child in the film is pummeled on the bus and taunted unceasingly because of his autism disorder.

One student who lives with learning disabilities ends up bringing a gun to school as a result of harassment.

It is Monahan’s hope, and that of club members, the community to watch “Bully” and learn more about everyone’s right to feel and be safe in school, she said.

For more information about The Bully Project, go to For a trailer, click here.


CRANE07 1 year, 6 months ago

A monstrous explosion hits Texas. Page 5. Teenage sexual decisions Page one. Come on UB. At least ask a question like did today's bombing effect our young gay students. Who may be another up and coming minority to apply for college grants. If they can get enough votes. Geez! I give up. UB will never really be a newspaper.


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