Eliminating name search from TaxSifter wise move


I have read with great interest, the responses to the Treasurer’s Office’s decision to turn off the ability to search by name on the TaxSifter program. I’m not sure why this warrants front page-coverage and I certainly don’t understand why this is causing the problems that have been stated.

I have spoken with several people who didn’t know that the ability to search by name was even available. The information is still available. You have to type in an address as opposed to a name.

I’m not a Realtor, but it would seem that if you are working with a client, you already have an address.

Why give someone an easier way to find this information?

I can certainly see the safety aspect of having this process removed. You can still send a request in for information by name as it is a matter of public record.

Do you really want to make it easier for an inmate at the Washington State Penitentiary to be able to find this information?

Sure, let’s just type in a name of a correctional officer or other staff member and find out exactly where they live.

Public officials? Why not. What about the person at the grocery store who is addressed as Mr. or Mrs. So and So?

Explain to me again, why, in this day and age, that a common sense act to remove the ability to search by name is causing such issues. Why does this warrant front page news?

I am in total agreement to have this ability removed from the system.

Stacy Alexander-Fulgham

Walla Walla


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