New tiger cub at Tacoma zoo comes as surprise


TACOMA (AP) — Officials at a Tacoma zoo say a Sumatran tiger named Jaya has given birth to a cub — a surprise, because zoo staffers didn’t know the big cat was pregnant.

They say both mom and cub seem healthy.

Point Defiance & Aquarium officials say several ultrasounds had been performed on the tiger, but it’s not easy to get clear images on a standing, moving tiger. Nothing about Jaya’s behavior suggested she was about to give birth.

Veterinarians found the cub in a nest box when preparing Jaya for a physical Wednesday.

The 9-year-old tiger has had two previous litters. The father of this cub is Malosi, who moved to Point Defiance from Honolulu Zoo last year as part of the Sumatran tiger Species Survival Plan.

The cub’s sex wasn’t immediately determined.


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