New at the Walla Walla Public Library 4/18


Featured books will be available for the public today.

They can also be placed on hold online at or call the Library for assistance at 527-4550.

Featured books include:


“Vacationland,” by Sarah Stonich

“Naledi Lodge, a near-abandoned lakeside resort set deep in northern most Minnesota, now exists almost solely in the minds of those who crossed its rustic threshold.

Meg, the granddaughter of the proprietor, currently splits her time between Minnesota and Chicago, painting lakeside scenes and wondering what has become of the summer residents she used to know so well.

Vacationland is a novel of intersecting stories, including Meg’s own. While each character shares Naledi Lodge as a common bond, some characters continue to connect in new and surprising ways long after their summer vacations have ended. ”

—Reviewed by Stephanie Turza, Booklist April 1, 2013.

“The Best of Us,” by Sarah Pekkanen

When a group of college friends is invited on a lavish Jamaican vacation to celebrate the 35th birthday of their classmate, Dwight, the women find they can’t escape their everyday problems.

Dwight’s wife, Pauline, thinks that by giving her husband and his friends the time of their lives, she can distract him from the family secret that’s behind her reluctance to have a baby.

Dwight’s friend Allie is waiting to hear if she has a hereditary illness that could tear apart her family, and she turns to Dwight instead of her husband for comfort.

Allie’s best friend, Tina, a harried mother of four, needs the break to reconnect with her husband and with her identity outside of her family, while their former dorm mate Savannah is there to forget her husband’s infidelity.

Alcohol-fueled evenings and a hurricane threat bring emotions to a head in this novel about honesty, relationships, and the realities of being a woman and an adult.

—Reviewed by Aleksandra Walker, Booklist, Mar. 15, 2013.


“Happier Endings,” by Erica Brown

“As a spiritual leader, Erica Brown has attracted a strong following among those looking for a practical wisdom based on the world’s most revered and treasured religious texts.

Brown leads readers on an emotional journey to prepare for and accept death.

This kind of honesty allows for important conversations, from financial wills to last words that reinforce to those you love most what matters most to you.”

—Jacket notes

“Off the Beaten Path Washington,” by Chloe Ernst

“Whether you’re a visitor or a local looking for something different, let ‘Off the Beaten Path’ show you the Evergreen State you never knew existed.

If you’ve ‘been there, done that’ one too many times, get off the main road and venture off the beaten path.

—Jacket notes


“Shadow Warrior,” by Randall B Woods.

“The Ultimate Hat Book,” Edited by Vogue Magazine.

“Woke Up Lonely,” by Fiona Maazel.

“The Night Rainbow,” by Claire King.


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