Second man charged in east Walla Walla shooting


WALLA WALLA — Both men accused of taking part in last weekend’s shooting in an alley behind the 1700 block of Portland Avenue have now been formally charged in Walla Walla County Superior Court.

A first-degree assault charge was filed Wednesday afternoon against Timothy T. Parlor, 19, of 1041 Pomona St.

Co-defendant Shawn A. Crump, 21, was charged with the same offense Monday.

Attorneys have been appointed for both men and they will enter pleas later. Each is lodged in the Walla Walla County Jail in lieu of $250,000 bail.

Parlor and Crump are suspected in Saturday’s shooting of Blake D. Nelson, 26, who suffered .22-caliber gunshot wounds to his chest, hand and head, reportedly while in his car in the Portland Avenue alley.

Police said he arrived there about 3 a.m. with Parlor and Crump, who were passengers. Statements given to authorities by the three men conflict, but either Parlor or Crump allegedly pulled a handgun and shot Nelson.

The two suspects fled and, a short time later, Nelson staggered into Aziz Chevron, 1916 Isaacs Ave., and was taken to a hospital for treatment, according to a police report filed in court.

Parlor told officials he went home after Crump shot Nelson. But Crump pegged Parlor as the shooter and said they both ran to a nearby residence.

An unnamed witness there reportedly is maintaining that both men were at the house, acted agitated and made statements indicating Parlor could have pulled the trigger.

Crump was arrested Sunday; Parlor was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon.

Police have not released a specific motive for the shooting, but have said it very possibly was drug-related.

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