Keep talking! Another session to build Walla Walla High School plan is Tuesday


It’s been nearly two months since citizens packed the Walla Walla School District Board Room to offer their unvarnished views on the future of Walla Walla High School. The gathering was an opportunity for folks to tell school officials why the $48 million bond to modernize Wa-Hi failed and what they would like to see on the ballot in the future.

That was a great start, but forming a community consensus will take time and hard work.

School officials are ready to do some more heavy lifting in that process. A 90-minute public meeting is set for Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. to continue the discussion. The session will be in the District Board Room at 364 S. Park St.

Citizens who didn’t go to the first meeting should take advantage of this opportunity. And the 60 or so people who attended the first session should lend their voices again. It would be great for the community if attendance grew from session to session.

But the sessions will do nobody any good if citizens are not thoughtful and candid in offering their views to the School Board. It is important that those who did not support the $69.6 million plan to overhaul Wa-Hi become involved.

Getting a school bond approved, which takes a 60 percent supermajority, is not easy. It’s not supposed to be. The higher threshold for success was set by the Legislature to ensure the proposal is not just accepted, but embraced by the community.

Take time on Tuesday to let the School Board members know what direction you believe they should take.


ImJustSayin 2 years ago

Wait for it.....................................


fatherof5 2 years ago

I'm waiting...this is exciting...what are we waiting for? Whatever it is, I'll wait with you.


namvet60 2 years ago

Am I going to need my waders for this one?


ImJustSayin 2 years ago

I'm staying outta this round.


jkhowell0803 2 years ago

Can't wait to read what namvet60 has to say!


barracuda 2 years ago

With a follow-up essay from Fatherof5....


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