Retain beauty, nostalgia of downtown Walla Walla


This is in reference to Dorothy O’Brien’s April 7 letter regarding the octopus mural on Main Street. I completely agree with her letter and have had the same feelings since the first time I saw the hideous painting, which was long before it became a war of words in the U-B.

When I moved to Walla Walla almost eight years ago I did not know it would be the town I would chose to spend the rest of my life in — but it has become just that. I retired here and bought my first home here after 45 years of moving every few years as a military wife and then a federal employee.

Downtown Main Street helped me decide this is where I wanted to stay. It brought me back to my hometown in Indiana, my neighbors who chat across our fences and alley, the friendly person in front or behind me in the checkout line all played a part in my staying. But it was downtown that really sold it for me.

So the first time I drove down Main Street and saw that monstrosity above a toy store, thank goodness there was no one behind me. I had to drive around and come back because I couldn’t believe anyone would deem to mar the beauty and nostalgia of Main Street that way.

How could they have no regard for all that had been done to bring back Main Street? When I heard the city informed the owner of the toy store he had to remove the “painting,” I was thrilled. It never occurred to me that the owner would totally disrespect the town and the people of Walla Walla by refusing to restore the wall to fit with ambience of downtown.

As an artist myself, I was embarrassed by the poor quality of the painting. My apologies to the painter, but the truth is the truth.

But even if it had been a quality painting, it still did not belong on Main Street.

Oh, one of my drawings is a shop’s marquee on Main Street and not one negative comment has been made because it is keeping with the surrounding area. I know a little of what I speak.

I applaud Walla Walla for sticking to its commitment to have the offensive painting removed and shame on the owner because he did not care enough to do the right thing.

Carla M. Carrico

Walla Walla


ImJustSayin 2 years, 3 months ago

Finally..... the silent majority starts to speak out!


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