Rose Street ‘improvements’ not improvements


I am not sure I see any net benefit to our community from the proposed West Rose Street project “improvements.”

We lose a landmark row of stately trees the public explicitly requested be preserved during the Myra Road project implementation. We also lose two lanes of through traffic on one of the few major east-west arterials between the largest cities in the county.

How does that make sense? I love bicycling and make use of the road biking opportunities in our Valley. However, putting bike lanes on this major arterial is a waste of precious street resources and of money.

Bicyclists can ride on the side streets or in the existing right of way or take an alternate route. The proposed project sounds like an expensive plan to end up with an uglier major street in our community with more restricted traffic.

And safety improvements? Theoretically, maybe. I’ve traveled on Rose for the last five decades without being involved in a single accident. Let’s keep four lanes of traffic and our beautiful, irreplaceable old street trees.

Casey McClellan

Walla Walla


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