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’Tis the season — our mailboxes run over with nonprofit charity requests and invitations to attend events and to give generously.

We travel from church halls to hotel to Country Club and wineries, often seeing the same folks raising their glasses or paddles and pulling out their checkbooks for yet another contribution.

Occasionally, there’s grumbling about “another luncheon, another dinner, another request — how much are we expected to give?!”

I think my response to that question is “how much do we expect to receive from the various groups that guard our best interests?”

We have groups upholding and caring for our health, our entertainment, our minds, our history, our children’s welfare, our teens, the poor, the homeless, support groups of all kinds aiding the sick, the dying, the troubled, the bereaved, etc.

Right now, however, instead of naming specific nonprofits, I feel the need is to recognize the generous sponsors and advertisers of the many charity events that take place in Walla Walla.

I know potential advertisers’ phones never stop ringing with advertising/sponsorship requests, yet they continue with generosity on behalf of us all.

When I see donation lists of my fellow citizens and ads from sponsors, I am grateful. Our personal thanksgivings are shown in the way of as generous a donation as we can make at a certain time.

Also as often as we can, Steve and I try to shop and support our local merchants and organizations even when it might be more convenient to push a button on a computer and connect with an online merchant.

I salute sponsors, advertisers and patrons who support not just one but so many fine nonprofit organizations in Walla Walla. Their devoted support of our community contributes to Walla Walla’s reputation as a great place to live, to work and to retire.

Dianna Woolley

Walla Walla


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