Not wise for state to partner with the CIA


Apparently Gov. Jay Inslee has a thing for secrets.

During last fall’s gubernatorial campaign, candidate Inslee was fixated on a secret sauce (which he let slip was innovation) to spur the economy.

And now Gov. Inslee has said he might allow the CIA to obtain fake Washington state driver’s licenses for its spies despite the Legislature’s action to limit the use of fake state-issued IDs to law enforcement.

While the CIA is not a law enforcement agency, Inslee spokeswoman Jaime Smith says the governor broadly interprets the meaning of “law enforcement activities” to include the CIA.

Wow, that’s not just a broad interpretation, it’s contorting reality — and the clear intent of the Legislature.

Lawmakers took up the discussion specifically to put a stop to the CIA’s use of fake driver’s licenses after the Kitsap Sun newspaper reported the CIA has received 228 from the state Department of Licensing.

The more fakes IDs circulating, the greater chance they will get into the wrong hands.

And allowing the CIA (and perhaps other federal agencies) to use Washington licenses in their covert operations would put Washingtonians at risk. When state residents travel to foreign countries, particularly those that aren’t particularly friendly to the U.S., they will likely be looked at more closely as possible CIA spies.

Inslee said he plans to sign the legislation into law. He should, but then he should also follow the spirit of that law as written.


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