Hey, let’s start prosecuting guns


Not with standing last week’s vote on the gun control law, we all know that this subject will continue to raise its ugly head.

My question is this: If guns are the problem, why do we search out the shooter and prosecute him or her? Why not look for the gun and prosecute it? You know, put it permanently on “safe” for an extended period or plug the barrel or dismantle it or melt it down or whatever. After all, it was the gun that shot and killed people. Right?

Is this a stupid argument? Sure it is. But so is the argument that guns kill people. People kill people.

You want to cut the amount of gun-related crimes in this country? Arm everyone.

Give specific training and issue permits based on completion of training. If a certified teacher wants to carry a concealed weapon more power to him or her. The presence of armed citizens would have stopped many of the crimes we are concerned about or kept the number of victims lower. Let’s realize something: making something illegal does not stop it from being used. Nothing is perfect. We cannot stop all crime, but an armed citizenry can sure contribute to lowering the number of it’s victims.

Just the mutterings of an old guy.

Al Conetto

Walla Walla


namvet60 1 year, 9 months ago

A good shout out for ya Al - Then if they would bring back capital punishment there would be a lot less trying to get into prison for the 3 squares and all of the TV and work out therapy they can endure.


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