Lockown lifted at two prison units


WALLA WALLA — Two of the four units at Washington State Penitentiary locked down after a major fight between inmates are back on normal status.

Inmates in the two West Complex units, Fox and Golf, were allowed to resume regular work, recreational and other activities, said Shari Hall, prison spokeswoman. Prisoners in two other units, Delta and Echo, remained on restricted movement status today.

The four West Complex units, which house about 760 close-custody inmates, where locked down after multiple fights broke out shortly before 8 p.m. Saturday in an outside recreation area. About 180 inmates were in the area with the fights started.

The fights were quickly quelled by corrections officers and 38 inmates involved in the altercations were placed in segregation. Several prisoners who were injured in the fights were treated by prison medical staff. No corrections officers were hurt.

Officials are continuing to investigate to determine the cause of the fights, Hall said.

The restrictions on Delta and Echo units will be lifted as officials determine when it is safe to do so after conducting daily assessments, Hall said.


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