Secure schools and address mental disabilities


On April 19, Richard McFarland criticized my letter regarding the NRA and Newtown, saying I am completely wrong. I tried to find some logic or common sense in his response ... but failed.

I’d written that the only thing that could have prevented the Newtown atrocity and saved some or all of the kids would have been someone there with a firearm. (I intentionally chose the phrase “could have” rather than “would have” as nothing is 100 percent certain under such circumstances).

Richard painted my words as a “broad statement” made about something with regard to ‘what would have been done’ differently,” labeling my point as hypothetical hindsight.

No, armed criminal perpetrators are stopped with lethal force quite often in the real world — that is no hypothetical concept. Had an armed person been there to respond at the first indication of violence (hearing the disturbance or the sound of initial gunfire at the entrance) the shooter’s rampage might have been stopped. Another point: There could be a deterrent factor once these shooters know they may be shot upon initiating their crime.

There are indeed reasons that given a choice of magazine size, one opts for the standard 20- or 30-round version that comes with an AR15 or similar rifle (unless hunting game in which case one cannot have over a five round magazine).

The ability to have a standard size (20- or 30-round) is about convenience of not having to change magazines as often — certainly not because replacing an empty one takes time. Anyone with a minimal amount of practice can do that in two to four seconds.

A murderer having three smaller 10-round magazines instead of one holding 30 rounds would be just as dangerous. Note also that Marines and soldiers did very well in World War II and Korea with rifles that held only eight-round clips.

Yes, Adam Lanza may have fumbled during reloading. Unsure if that’s factual, but what is confirmed is that he carried seven 30-round magazines (210 rounds). Three were emptied and four were just partially emptied, indicating he changed magazines six times. He could just as easily carried many 10-round magazines (which are even easier to change) and it would have had just as heinous an effect.

Such monsters might also use pipe bombs, propane, gasoline or pressure cooker IEDs.

Banning certain weaponry won’t work. Securing all schools and properly addressing mental disabilities just might.

Steve Singleton

Walla Walla


barracuda 2 years, 7 months ago

Steve.... Most of the time I do not agree with some of you thoughts..... -BUT- I agree with you letter thi week.... A quick draw gun handler can chang out a 6 shell magazine as fast as he can change out a 20 clip.....


stvsngltn 2 years, 7 months ago

Glad you agree on that point, Barracuda. I'm no quick draw gun handler (by a long shot, pun intended) -- but with a little practice I (or anyone) can certainly hit the magazine release button (of an AR15) and replace the dropped one with a full one in not much over two seconds (and release the bolt, chambering a new round). Any magazine ban is just a useless "feel good" measure.


lgbfishing 2 years, 7 months ago

I agree with Steve the gun grabbers are just using any thing they can as an excuse to take our guns.


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