Rose Street design team blowing smoke rings


When the Rose Street Design Team wrote, “When we learned that accidents on the street were 50 percent higher then the state average for equivalent roads,” it was looking at the population equivalent, too?

“A three-year accident study (2009-2011) shows 48 accidents on Rose Street. This is roughly (when the word ‘roughly’ is used there are no qualifying facts) 50 percent higher then the statewide average for similar roadways,” it wrote in the Sunday Union-Bulletin.

Do the math: Divide 36 months into 48 accidents and it comes out to 1.4 accidents a month. That’s 50 percent higher then the statewide average?

“The current traffic volumes are about (when the word ‘about’ is used there are no qualifying facts) 10,000 vehicles per day.” Does one-third of Walla Walla’s population drive on the pothole-ridden Rose Street a day.

The Rose Street Design Team should step aside and let the Walla Walla road crews repair our streets.

John Whalen

Walla Walla


sohcammer 11 months, 4 weeks ago

The accident "study" was nothing more than a printed out list of all the accidents that happened on the stretch of Rose from 9th to Myra. The only data on that printed out list was the name of the cross street and whether or not someone was hurt or not.

70% of the accidents happened between 13th and 9th, but they need to redesign the whole stretch??


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