New at the Walla Walla Public Library - 8/8/13


Featured books will be available for the public today.

They can also be placed on hold online at or call the Library for assistance at 527-4550.

Featured books include:


“Here Comes Mrs. Kugelman, A Novel” by Minka Pradelski.

“When feisty young Tsippy Silverberg of the curious eating habits receives word from Tel Aviv that a distant aunt has left her a mysterious inheritance — an incomplete fish service in a battered brown suitcase — she decides to break her rigid routine and go collect it in person.

“But before she is even able to settle into her hotel room, an odd old woman bangs on her door and invites herself in.

“Her name is Bella Kugelman, and she is determined to talk. And under the thrall of Mrs. Kugelman’s words, Tsippy finally pieces together her aunt’s strange bequest, as well as her own place in the story unfolding before her.”

— jacket notes

“The Boy Who Said No: An Escape to Freedom” by Patti Sheehy.

“As a boy, Frank Mederos’s grandfather teaches him to fish, to navigate the seas, and to think for himself, much needed skills under the new Castro regime.

“When Frank is drafted into the army, he is soon promoted to the Special Forces, where he is privy to top military secrets.

“But young Frank has no sympathy for Fidel. He thirsts for freedom and longs to join his girlfriend who has left Cuba for America.

“Frank’s story, a tale of love, loss, and courage, will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page is turned.”

— jacket notes


“Real Talk for Real Teachers,” by Rafe Esquith.

“After thirty-plus years in the job, Rafe Esquith still puts in the countless classroom hours with which any dedicated teacher will be instantly familiar.

“He tackles the three stages of life for the career teacher, and outlines both practical advice and inspiration for managing your classrooms, challenging your students, and keeping your own passions alive.

“Most important, Esquith raises a battle cry for teachers young and seasoned alike: ‘No retreat, No Surrender!’

“With his trademark mix of offbeat humor, practicality, and boundless compassion, Esquith is just the man who can give teachers the tools they need to never give upon their students or on themselves.”

— jacket notes

“Rocket Girl; the Story of Mary Sherman Morgan,” by George D. Morgan.

“An intriguing biography … the personal story and family detective work are truly gripping, and Mary, in all her contradictions, emerges as a fascinating subject.

“Mary Sherman Morgan, a woman who toiled in obscurity and liked it that way, rises from a dirt-poor and abusive childhood to break the gender barrier in rocket engineering.

“She goes on to solve the last remaining problem keeping America from the stars.”

— jacket notes


“The Hen of the Baskervilles,” by Donna Andrews. “Claws of the Cat,” by Susan Spann. “The Society of Timid Souls or How to be Brave,” by Polly Morland. “The Coat Route,” by Meg Lukens Noonan.


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