Sycamores sacrificed for sight lines

Improving motorist visibility on Rose Street cost the city a handful of the trees.

Photo by Greg Lehman.


WALLA WALLA — A short-lived battle over six long-lived trees is over. The sycamores of Rose Street lost.

Six trees were removed recently to improve, among other things, visibility for motorists. An additional sycamore was removed due to infestation.

“The sycamore trees that line Rose Street are not static items,” Walla Walla civil engineer Monte Puymon said. “As they have grown they have impacted transportation in a few ways.”


Prayer flags adorn a doomed sycamore on Rose Street.

Vehicle sight distance concerns were one aspect, he said. “Another is that as these trees grew, they displaced the curb, gutter, and roadway, impacting storm drainage as well as the street structure and surface.”

Though not ideal, the 43 remaining sycamores still provide ample shade, noted Dan Clark, who over the years has fought to keep the trees.

“These are neighborhood assets,” said Clark, Walla Walla 2020 coordinator and vice president. “They provide shade and create an environment for everybody in the neighborhood, not just those who live there.”

Two decades ago Walla Walla 2020 faced a similar battle, but in the former case all 50 trees were threatened.

“I have a real attachment to those trees because they are really on railroad property, and they were a nuisance to the railroad, which was considering taking them all out,” Clark said.

The result of that battle was in 1994 the care of all 50 sycamores was turned over to the city. Later, a dedicated path was set along the trees, creating a shady lane for pedestrians and cyclists.

Then in the spring of this year a new threat arose, but this time it was from the city as officials announced that if Rose Street was kept at four lanes, sycamores would fall.

“We want to preserve as many of the 50 large sycamore trees as possible and are looking at removing as few as two and up to a maximum of 10 trees,” the Rose Street design team wrote in a guest article published in the Union-Bulletin. “The final decision will be made based on improving visibility.”

City officials also made it clear that the option that would lead to the fewest tree removals would require the reconfiguring of Rose Street down to two lanes and one center turn lane. But that option was overrun by a public outcry over losing two lanes of traffic.

So in May, City Council voted 5-2 to reverse an earlier decision to go with the two-lane option and instead resurface and make other improvements to the original four-lanes configuration. But that meant trees would fall.

Earlier this month, after the doomed trees were shorn of their foliage and branches, protest and prayer notes were draped across some of the bare trunks.

Then last week, the seven remaining trunks were completely removed.

“The debate about how to reconstruct Rose Street, it really brought out the importance of those trees to the community,” Clark said. “And the community spoke up.”

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oldguyonabike 1 year, 9 months ago

The trees are gone, but the discussion of a safer road should continue. Council has in it's possession a survey completed at the Fourth of July Celebration where 52% of the 266 respondents want to see 3 traffic lanes and bike lanes on Rose Street. Will they respond to public opinion and engineering standards? Has the new TBD tax been implemented properly?


Jo99362 1 year, 9 months ago

If sycamore trees are so vital to Walla Walla's identity, why doesn't the city/community plant new sycamore trees. They are living plants who can get sick, infested, die, etc. But no, that would be doing something proactive. rolling my eyes


oldguyonabike 1 year, 9 months ago

The City will be planting some new trees in Pioneer Park to maintain the urban tree canopy.


barracuda 1 year, 9 months ago

Old Guy.... ONE MORE TIME>>>>>>>>> There is going to be a bike lane.... Just not where you want it.... It is going to be in a safer place.... BEHIND the curb! If your trying to gain support for your cause.... Tell the whole truth, and then go with it... Not just a partial truth, to get support! By the way.... The discussion about the lanes etc. are well past done.... The contracts were let out, bids were opened, and the plans were adopted, contractors bid on the set of plans given them, it is a done deal! If they changed plans to your way of thinking... It would cost THOUSANDS of dollars in change orders.... Get your Round-up out and start spraying....


oldguyonabike 1 year, 8 months ago

The issue is road safety. Not bike lanes.


oldguyonabike 1 year, 8 months ago

Barracuda, I checked, there would be no additional cost in change orders. Love your enthusiasm, your facts are just off.


chicoli 1 year, 8 months ago

This is what I like about Walla Walla. All sides are considered, but in the end a leader has to decide what to do, hopefully with a good "vision", and then assume responsibility for the results.

I hope that our citizens appreciate the dedication and civility of Dan Clark. He is symbolically speaking one of our precious sycamores. He is one of a kind.


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