Minutes - Walla Walla Council - 8/14/13


City Council members are Mayor Jim Barrow, Conrado Cavazos, Barbara Clark, Jerry Cummins, Mary Lou Jenkins, Shane Laib, Chris Plucker. With Laib absent, members voted as follows at Wednesday’s meeting:

AVIARY: Awarded $42,758 contract to USKH for aviary bid-ready design. Unanimous.

SURPLUS: Declared various vehicles as surplus, with the removal of Seagraves ladder and pumper truck from surplus list. Unanimous.

WATERSHED: Five-year renewal contract with USDA for trail maintenance, patrol and other services. Unanimous.

STREETLIGHTS: Awarded $112,049 contract to Anderson Perry & Associates for study and design work of new lights at intersections of Colville and First streets. Unanimous.

YMCA: Approved moving forward with vacation of alley easement at Park Street with a waiver of payment to city for value of property. Unanimous.

CHARTER: Approved renewal of contract through end of 2013 while new 10-year contract is negotiated. Unanimous.


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