Restrain government, not Judeo-Christian religion


There are those who are determined to destroy America and they want us to forget about this great heritage of ours and where it came from. They are chopping off the roots that has made America the greatest country in the world for over 200 years.

The greatest God in history to influence man’s behavior in a moral positive way is being replaced by gods who expect much less of us and won’t lead us into the paths of rightness.

The great educational system of America cannot focus on this huge positive impact that Judeo-Christian teachings have had on America or it will lose government monies even though America’s greatest educational institutions were founded by churches.

The hospitals are being told they must accept government decisions on morality if they want to participate in government-funded programs, even though most of our great hospitals were built by churches.

Our federal legal system and political system is in shambles because very few are left on Capitol Hill who remember how to tell the truth. Lying, deceit and buying votes with our monies has become commonplace, even though our justice system used to be the bearer of truth and justice based on Judeo-Christian teachings and the envy of many throughout the world.

Do we want a God in America who demeans women and takes away all your rights to think for yourself? Do we want a god or church in America who will let you read only what the church allows you to read and will burn other books as heretical?

The Judeo-Christian church has evolved and reformed into the most perfect God and church on our planet that gives freedoms and rights to everyone. Let’s not let others chop off the main life-sustaining roots of this great tree built by a Judeo-Christian-influenced society; because America’s greatness is tied directly to this great Judeo-Christian religion.

If our schools were teaching what influenced and shaped our culture for the past 200 years then all American citizens would know this, but they aren’t allowed to.

So, in the words of our late great President John F. Kennedy, I challenge you to “ask not what this country can do for you, but ask what you can do for this country” and let’s cut the government down, not America’s source of greatness — our Judeo-Christian religion.

Jim Weaver



paco1234 8 months ago

To coerce others to abide by Judeo-Christian believes is, not only unconstitutional but also un-American. Freedom of-and from-religion is essential to the nation's greatness. Separation of State and church is the law of this land. By the way I'm catholic...well sort of! I'm really an adult with my own free mind!


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