Writer missed points made in earlier letter


I read the reply from John Neel to my letter and want to make a few comments myself.

I think he may have misunderstood parts of my letter. I did not in any way say or insinuate any racial intent. Gun control should include every color, race and culture.

That I have ignored the incident of the black kids killing a white child could not be further from the truth. In fact, it reinforces my belief about who should or should not have access to guns!

By the way, Mr. Zimmerman was not getting “beaten to death.” Who followed whom?

Mr. Neel repeated what I said about “a well-regulated militia,” which still does not mean every nut-job in the world. I think our founding fathers would be shocked to see how that has been misinterpreted and used in such a violent manner and as an excuse to arm anyone with a deadly weapon.

This is not the Wild West any more! What is wrong with limiting the rounds of ammunition? If you can’t hit the bull’s-eye or the deer with one or two shots, give it up!

If all of the dollars the NRA spends to elect members of Congress were put to use in education, this would be a better world.

Mr. Neel is correct in saying that freedom of speech is also misused. But I guess it gives all of us the right to voice our beliefs!

Jane Samples

Walla Walla


barracuda 2 years, 1 month ago

RE: "If you can’t hit the bull’s-eye or the deer with one or two shots, give it up!"

If I going to mountains to go hunting, are telling me I can only take 1 or 2 shells with me? Is that 1 or 2 shells per day? Or for the whole week? How are you going to enforce this? Do you believe you can achieve 100% compliance? I personally know hunters who have literally thousands of rounds around their ranch/home, and some who load powder and slugs to load their own shells just the way they like the rounds to be loaded. How are you going to ask people not to re-load shells? And still get 100% compliance? When people go hunting, most people take a "side arm" too, this is for a last resort defense against a surprise visit with a bear, cougar or any other unwanted encounters. Again, 1 or 2 shells? If some one wants to kill some one.... Why not eliminate cars to? Last weeks news account of the car on the boardwalk is a prime example of ones ability to kill mass amount of people if one wishes to do so. And guess what, we drive past drunks every day, we drive past speeders every day, we see red lights run every day. With all of the laws we have about drivers, we still see more people die every day from poor drivers than people who die in a year from "bad guy" shooters! These laws will not stop the killings! Bad guys have way too many options to get ammo/guns to stop this from happening. There are many thousands of guns already in society today and most all gang members have a way of getting illegal guns, so it is very unrealistic to believe any gang member will turn in his weapon/ammo when his rival will keep his guns.... So how are you going to 100% compliance? There is a bumper sticker on a car here in WW that reads: "Our Government asks us to be tolerant to the Muslim people for a few of their extremists, What about the same courtesy for gun owners?" . It seems I agree with one point of this letter.... the way to curb this violence is through education.

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namvet60 2 years, 1 month ago

I totally agree with you but you left out one rising star in the brush to protect yourself against. There would be nothing worse that hiking through the brush and find yourself staring a pack of wolves in the eye with nothing but your walking stick. Best be packing 2 or 3 multiple round clips.


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