Detour route is poorly marked


I think it’s great what is happening to Rose Street and some of the other streets in and around Walla Walla. Long overdue.

Speaking as an old retired OTR 18-wheel truck driver, I sure do feel sorry for those poor truck drivers who are caught up in those very poorly marked detours approaching the intersections of C Street-Poplar Street-Myra Road. They will find they cannot continue south on Myra Road. Then they have to try to figure out which way is the best way to go from there.

I have looked and there is nothing out there on U.S. Highway 12 to give them any indication they might run into problems traveling that route. The detours are very poorly marked.

It seems like it would make far more sense if they would put up a detour sign out there on Highway 12 before you get to Myra Road, just as you are entering College Place if northbound, letting them know to take the old truck route on Ninth Avenue through Walla Walla, therefore avoiding the ups and downs of Larch Avenue in College Place, through a residential area and winding around past Walmart.

I see several 18-wheelers a day using that route.

As an old retired truck driver, I can’t remember ever being detoured like that through the city streets of a small quiet little town like College Place.

A lot of good it did for College Place to just finish fixing up Larch Avenue, just to have all of those eighteen-wheelers beating it up right away.

Once those trucks are through using that route and have beat up the streets again, who is going to pay for that to be repaired and, how long will it take?

W.R. Casebolt

Walla Walla


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