See a doctor when fever is high


On Aug. 16 Frank Trapani suggested to the U-B readers treating fever with the “Lemon/Blueberry Drink” and then, after trying such drink, to report “testimonials” to him. He goes further to recommend antibiotics “if needed,” which contradicts what he did when rejecting antibiotic treatment for a fever of 104.5 degrees for his wife’s severe hospital-acquired infection, most likely a MRSA infection.

According to evidence-based medicine, it is highly recommended that anyone with an infection and a 104.5 degree fever see his or her primary care provider as soon as possible, and before trying the “Lemon/Blueberry Drink.” Only your primary care provider can determined if you have a life-threatening situation in need of antibiotic treatment.

This “Lemon/Blueberry Drink” will certainly not hurt, and might help aspirin or Tylenol combat the fever, but only after a proper diagnosis is made.

After reading many of Frank Trapani’s columns in the health section I have no doubt he means well, and for this he is greatly appreciated. This time I feel compelled to disagree and to suggest the alternative above described.

Carlos F. Acevedo, MD

Walla Walla


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