Support urged for Weston’s mayor


Chuck Price, Terry Peterson, Jimmie Davis, Chet Mills and I are 100 percent supportive of our mayor. Duane Thul. We have an accumulation of over 300 years living in Weston.

First of all, we believe Duane is one of the hardest working mayors the city has seen, as is shown by the effort and hours he puts in. If he is not on the phone with city business he can be found helping public works with asphalt work, or in the park taking care of trees. At times the hours he puts in during the day are more than the paid employees.

Regardless of what the recall petitioners say, the city is not going bankrupt, it does have an adequate reserve according to the auditors. We understand there has been a lot of funds spent in the 41⁄2 years, but they were on projects and equipment we strongly believe were long overdue.

Some of these projects were mandated by the state. All decisions made for city operations have been voted on and endorsed by a majority of the City Council and budget committee. The mayor has but one vote.

We recognize there are disagreements between city residents and we believe that things should never get to the recall situation. If these petitioners have a plan, great, write it down along with the solutions they recommend and in a civil manner present it to the City Council.

Don’t take frustration out on the mayor.

We believe matters can be discussed in a reasonable manner if the bickering, name calling and looking only at one side would stop. If the truth be known we probably all want the same positive solution for city residents.

We adamantly believe Weston needs to move beyond this recall action. We strongly urge you to vote “no” on this recall and retain Duane Thul as our mayor of Weston.

Michael Dowd



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