How do we know who needs help


I see people standing at corners asking for money because they are homeless, car broke down or even a divorcee trying to get a new start.

I have seen some of the people claiming problems in mini-marts getting pop and candy.

If I ever found myself at a place in my life that I would have to stand on a corner asking for money, pop and candy would be the last thing on my list to get.

So how do you really know who needs help and who is out there scamming people?

I work hard for my money, like most people do. I feel really sad seeing these people out there for hours. When they have kids with them, oh my, it hurts my heart. I have given people money before and even doughnuts.

When you see the same people over and over again standing there, it makes you wonder. Are they really in need? I know these are hard times and a lot of people are out of work. I am sure that the homeless mission is full most of the time and Helpline gets calls nonstop from people needing help.

So again, how do we know who really needs help and who is scamming?

Sandra Williams

Walla Walla


chicoli 1 year, 6 months ago

Sandra, it is impossible to know who really needs the handouts or not! Whoever these souls are, they do know who really gives with the intention that only comes from the heart. You have a good heart, and I have no doubt that you give with a smile in your face and warmth in your heart. I myself enjoy giving some change once in a while, or maybe a dollar here and there. But if I don't, I smile, maybe ask his or her name, maybe I say something nice...and after that, I feel as happy as a kid in a candy store! They feel exactly the same way...


barracuda 1 year, 6 months ago

I know this is not the norm.... But..... I have witnessed this personally.... I was sitting in a local fast food eatery here in the valley, and it is located across the street form a large chain store. My friend and I saw a late about a five year old Gray/Silver Toyota Corolla pull into the parking lot, drive around the side/rear of the restaurant and park "out of the way".

A clean cut gentleman gets out of his car and without a limp, he goes around to other side of the car, opens the back door on the passenger side. Reaches in and removes a good pair of shoes and into a pair of ratty tennis shoes. Goes to the trunk, opens it and changes out of his clean, in-tact leather jacket, and into a old torn denim style jacket. Messes up his hair, puts a old ball cap on, grabs a pre-made torn-up cardboard sign and a walking stick and proceeds to shut the trunk of his car, and presses the remote control theft alarm, and turn and walks normally to the sidewalk.

He walks over to the crosswalk, pushes the crosswalk button, and before our very eyes, he changed into a person who couldn't walk upright very well, and had a terrible limp. It took him a long time to cross over to the other side of the road because of his walking impairment. Using his walking stick he was barely able to get to his usual position for the ideal money intake. I know this is not the average person who is destitute but it makes it tough to detect who is legit and who is not. By the way, I see this man is still a regular at this local corner...


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