City eyes plan to add parking spots on Alder Street


The city is considering a plan that could add 60 parking spaces downtown on Alder Street next year, according to a news release.

The plan, which is a response to public calls for more parking downtown, would convert two travel lanes on Alder Street between Spokane Street and Fifth Avenue to angled parking similar to that on Main Street, the release said. The conversion would coincide with the replacement of two old traffic signals on Alder at First Avenue and at Colville Street in 2014.

The release offered further details:

Given the desire to add as much parking as possible and still provide a high level of service at the intersections, the traffic engineers recommended angled on-street parking on Alder between Spokane and Fifth for all but one block on each side of Second Avenue.

A left turn lane would be included on Alder for the blocks immediately east and west of Second to provide for left turn movements.

Traffic volumes on Main Street one block to the north are nearly the same as this section of Alder and traffic would be expected to operate in a very similar manner.

In the release, Elio Agostini, executive director of the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation, said, “Parking is the number one complaint we hear, gaining 60 spots is just what this community needs.”

The traffic engineer’s findings will be presented to City Council at the Dec. 9 council work session at City Hall at 4 p.m. Interested parties are encouraged to attend to learn more about the analysis and the project. Formal action by City Council regarding the proposed parking changes on Alder will be considered at the Dec. 18 regular council meeting, according to the release.


jennybuggs 1 year ago

Better signage to the existing parking is what this community needs. I lived here a year before I knew the parking lot behind Macy's was public b/c the sign is only a foot tall and behind a tree


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