Power of government rests in the people


Thomas Jefferson said, “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.” It is the natural state of man to be ruled by law; whether good and just; or evil and demeaning.

The laws of nature and nature’s God are not subject to change as are the whims of a dictator. They remain steadfast, and are a shelter for all who are oppressed by “the man.” Freedom is only realized when men obey laws that take precedence over the foolishness of man.

The law may say the centerline has been moved two feet into the other lane of traffic, but prudence demands obedience to the reality that one must abide within certain parameters of safety.

Likewise the Constitution was originally designed to restrain the growth of government by law to allow a country to prosper. “So that a man can stand up.” The danger of government is the use of force to capitalize on that prosperity. Is your property yours? Do your ideas, wages and abilities belong to you, or to Pharoah?

To combat rising tyranny we must be prepared to compete with it. If force and arrogance are the tools of power, our argument must be conducive to reason and justice, and therefore inspire people to live not by fear of man, but by love for good law; that is, God.

Democrats and Republicans are constantly rallying people to join them to fight against each other.

The bickering between the two parties is like two mangy dogs fighting over the supreme right to rule the dog dish. We the people are the dog dish and the food is what we produce. They are fighting to rape, pillage and destroy the livelihood of those they consider to be weaker. Is the natural state of some best-suited for slavery, while others are to rule?

The power of government rests in the people. It is not, as some suppose, the right to vote. It is the ability to resist that keeps the power balanced.

One must, however, count the cost and be willing to suffer the loss of all that is dear and precious for the cause of freedom. Manliness and godliness are gained through obedience to the self-evident truth that governs the conscience, but it is “the throne of iniquity (that) frameth mischief by a law.”

Jacob Lorang



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