Splash pad effort's fundraising continues


Lawson Knight, former director of Blue Mountain Community Council, now facilitates philanthropic activities in the Walla Walla area.

He provided a program for Sunrise Rotary Club on a splash pad proposed to provide water-related recreation for young people in Washington Park. The structure is a concrete pad with a variety of spray nozzles at various heights to provide dribbles, showers and squirts for toddlers up to adults so they can cool down in the heat of the summer.

If that’s hard to visualize, check out the photos at the Fountains for Youth Facebook page.

Organizers sought input and ideas from locals at Washington Park, according to a presentation Lawson recently gave during the Rotary meeting.

Gavin Godman’s “Fountains for Youth” won the logo contest for child artists.

The $400,000 project would be funded by a $200,000 grant from the Sherwood Trust Community Leadership Class of 2013 plus donations from other sources including $15,000 from Noon Rotary and $3,000 from Sunrise Rotary.

“The cost of the project may seem high, but it includes a sophisticated pumping plant and filtration system plus plumbing to the variety of showers, sprinklers and nozzles that will provide the cooling fun,” the report by Rotarian John McKern noted.

The concrete will have a nonslippery surface and drain to the center to minimize water puddling. One of the main attractions will be water recreation without the risk of drowning, Lawson pointed out. Because of the safety of the feature, lifeguards will not be required.

In the grassy area around the pad, benches and tables will be provided for parents and observers who come to enjoy the new splash pad and watch their children. Because it will be constructed in an existing park, ample parking will be available. The facility will be operated and maintained by the Parks & Recreation Department. Admission will be free. The splash pad will typically operate from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Past Sunrise President Hank Worden distributed tickets to members Sunrise Rotary’s annual holiday raffle.

Tickets will be available from Sunrise Rotary members until mid-December. First prize will be $1,000 for a holiday shopping spree. Second prize is $250 and five third-place prizes of $50 will be awarded. Five hundred tickets will be available for $10 each.

See Sunrise Rotary members at www.wallawallasunriserotary.org. Click on “Public Roster” under the “Who We Are” link to find a friend selling tickets.

Proceeds will be used for the club’s projects that benefit the community. Sunrise Rotary meets at 6:45 a.m. Wednesdays for breakfast and community interest programs at the St. Francis Catholic Church Community Center, 722 W. Alder St.

For more details, contact President Jason Wicklund at 525-7153, on the Web or on Facebook.


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