Competition in education is needed


We really do need to get some competition in our educational system. We really do need to get a voucher system in place where the money follows the parents’ school of choice for their kids.

Penalizing parents by making them pay twice for their child’s education is immoral and probably illegal. If there are lawyers who want to do something right for this country, they should file a class action against a system that requires parents to pay twice for their kids’ education. It should be illegal, and all parents who are double-paying should be reimbursed from the states coffers.

Don’t you think parents may want their own values and morals reinforced in the school room, rather than some young (or old) teacher who has his own political agenda?

Parents know this stuff is going on and we pray that somehow our influence will be enough to get our kids through all the text book alterations and all the influential teachers’ philosophies that may not reflect what we want our kids to learn in school. How about the facts when we know them and the best guesses when we don’t have the facts? And let’s leave in the books things about America’s astounding achievements and accomplishments that make her the greatest country in the world.

Some people are wanting us to believe that Hitler didn’t exist because he did such evil things. It is some of these same people who want us to believe that Christ didn’t exist either, and I suppose it’s because he did such good things.

The only problem with having an example of goodness is that now we have a way to gauge evil. If a gauge doesn’t exist then we will not have a way of knowing the difference, so the answer is to do away with the gauge? Actually they tried that once and it didn’t work.

The best most-recent example of this is “you can keep your old insurance if you want to.”

Obviously this is not the truth and that is why Christ came, to help us know the difference. He said, “I am the way, the truth and the light.” This seems to be pretty scary for some, but only if they don’t tell the truth.

Let’s get some competition back in our schools and let’s teach all the history all the time in all the schools.

Jim Weaver



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