Walla Walla launches Open City Hall Web page

This screen shot shows the city of Walla Walla's new Open City Hall Web page.

This screen shot shows the city of Walla Walla's new Open City Hall Web page.


WALLA WALLA — City officials have launched a new citizens’ review and comment website called Open City Hall.

The site is designed to engage citizens in communication that will harness input on specific city issues, including parking.

“We want more citizens to be a part of the decision-making process,” City Clerk Kammy Hill said. “Many times it is not convenient for citizens to attend a Council meeting so their voice goes unheard. This is an incredibly cost-effective way to allow residents to participate in city decisions from the privacy and convenience of their own home.”

The first topic on Open City Hall deals with alternatives for angled parking on Alder Street.

The website also provides quick access to the full 71-page report on Alder Street parking and traffic.

Alder Street angled parking comments will be collected in Open City Hall through Dec. 15.

The site can be accessed here.


greest 1 year, 1 month ago

None of the discussion I have seen appears to have any awareness of all the scientific knowledge about parking and transportation demand which has accrued over the past half century. Many business districts have gone into decline when parking and transportation demand are not managed wisely.

Just for starters, making it easy for employees to use the close-in parking spaces most coveted by customers is damaging to the businesses where the employees work. Shifting the costs of parking to customers and non-customer taxpayers--regardless of whether or not they are using said parking--can make a business district uncompetitive and is certainly inequitable.

A very high percentage of persons who work in downtown Walla Walla live within a couple of blocks of Valley Transit service: a service of such high quality that--as many of you know--when voters were asked to support an increased sales tax for transit, the answer was an overwhelming yes. Business groups and the city of WW need to find ways to incentivize more workers to commute using Valley Transit and/or a combination of transit and bicycling. Likewise, businesses should consider rewarding customers who arrive without using one of the valuable/costly parking spaces. Walking, bicycling, Valley Transit--as well as the four other bus carriers which serve downtown (and other areas) Walla Walla--are all options for getting many customers to/from their shopping, dining, and other commercial endeavors.


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