Too preposterous for Saturday Night Live


Had to comment on a bit of humor that came out of President Obama’s insistence on flying 34 hours round trip to make an appearance at the Mandela memorial observance.

No one dares ask any more what such a trip must cost the American taxpaying public.

While he was speaking a rather familiar stance for our leader, he was being “signed” by Thamsanqa Jantjie, a person later identified by the press as having been charged with murder and assorted other crimes, but wasn’t deemed mentally fit to stand trial. Jantjie, an admitted schizophrenic with violent tendencies, was within arm’s length of Obama while the speech was delivered.

People familiar with sign language, who could hear the audio portion, commented that what the “signer” was transmitting to the television audience could be described as “nonsense.” I have friends who think Barack’s comments were quite normal in terms of what he usually has to say.

To add a bit of tickle to the tale, the news item stated, “Reached by telephone, Mr. Jantjie declined to comment.” That just might be because he has only the ability to repeat, by signing, what he hears other people say.

This is a story that would not make it on Saturday Night Live because it would be termed too preposterous to even satirize.

Nice to have something to chuckle about, re: Obama.

Tom Baker



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